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Let us cut to the chase, shall we?

  1. Launch the Terminal.
  2. Run the following commands:
  3. Install node js: sudo apt-get install nodejs
  4. Install npm: sudo apt-get install npm
  5. Create a symbolic link for node: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Node JS has a conflict with an older program which had little to do with servers and more to do with Ham radios. So be careful to install nodejs and not node. If you fear you may have installed the wrong one by mistake run the following commands before you install Node JS.

sudo apt-get –purge remove node
sudo apt-get –purge remove nodejs


3 thoughts on “Installing Node.js in Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Ah, you have installed Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu at home because I want to stay virus-free without spending money on either an OS or an anti-virus. Why do you use Ubuntu? There are lots of disadvantages to Ubuntu. Libre Office does not have several features that the MS Office package has. GIMP does not have several features that Adobe Photoshop has (and Adobe now allow users to download their older packages for free). Lots of freebie utility softwares do not have Linux packages.

  2. I have been using Ubuntu as my primary OS for about two years now. I have a dual boot set up with Windows 7 Home edition (which came pre-installed with my laptop). I use Windows only for Picasa and Photoshop. I don’t need the editing capabilities of Office all that much. Google Docs works fine for my needs.

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