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Saptarshi Chakraborty

Front-end developer

I am a web developer with an eye for design and usability. I code primarily in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have, in the past, worked in other languages— mostly enterprise Java, but also bits of PHP, Python, and COBOL (shudder).


  • Scripting and Coding

    I can work with multiple languages, combining the best of all to make something beautiful. I am creative and keen on building new and better things.

  • UX Design & Usability

    Typography, UI and UX design, usability and accessibility, and infographics are some of the things I take deep interest in.

  • Communication

    I have experience in working with people from various disciplines. I can communicate clearly in words, spoken or written. I am culturally aware and open.


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Backbone JS
  • CSS
  • Underscore JS
  • Bootstrap
  • JSON
  • Angular JS
  • Require JS
  • Handlebars JS
  • Node JS
  • Grunt
  • Git
  • Yeoman
  • Cordova
Tata Consultancy Services


  • TATA Consultancy Services
    2012 ~
    • Front-end Lead for client:
      Toyota and Lexus Financial Services

      I work on the web team that develops and maintains the Toyota and Lexus financial websites and apps. Here are a few of the notable projects I have been involved with.

      • 2016: iOS App Design Refresh

        I am the tech and design lead for the redesign project that will replace the current apps. We are responsible for the user-interface design as well as the development of the app. I’ve worked on wireframes with the designer, presented screens in design discussions with the business, marketing, and branding teams at TFS; coordinated user testing and feedback sessions; set up the coding framework (we use Cordova); and I am now working on the development of the app.

      • 2015: Mobile Website Redesign

        I was the lead developer for the new responsive mobile websites for Toyota and Lexus Financial. We used the same technology stack as our desktop website—Backbone, with Require, Handlebars, Underscore, and Bootstrap. SASS was used for better style-management. We implemented SEO workarounds to improve search rankings. The project greatly improved the website's performance. Our user satisfaction scores shot up.

      • 2014: Website Tech Upgrade

        This was the first time the website moved from a JSF framework to a REST-ful API, with a Backbone front-end. This was a huge challenge, given that millions of dollars in payments are handled through the Toyota Financial website. We had to rewrite hundreds of pages in HTML/JavaScript in order to migrate away from the legacy pages and functionalities.

    • Java Developer for client:
      Bank of America
      (2010 – 11)

      I worked for Bank of America on one of the largest private implementations of Service Oriented Architecture in the industry. My work revolved around writing Java code to transform messages to and from different message formats, bridging technology/protocol stacks.

  • FusionCharts
    Developer Support

    I worked as developer support for FusionCharts—one of the top charting product companies. This was where I fell in love with the world of web technologies. My task was to help our customers (web developers) implement our product on varied platforms. I also researched on infographics, color theory and usability, and documented the information as guidelines on the company’s blog.

  • Blank Noise Project
    2007 ~
    Developer volunteer | City coordinator
    • I was the campaign coordinator for the Calcutta chapter of Blank Noise, an organization that seeks to address street sexual harassment through community art-based campaigns. Over the years, I’ve conducted field research, and helped work out details of the campaign design and execution.

    • 2015: I Never ‘Ask For It’

      This is a campaign that collects testimonials from survivors of street sexual harassment, along with photographs of the garment they were wearing when the incident took place. This is done through the I Never 'Ask for It' website. When complete, it will collate the testimonials and provide interesting representations of the data—such as nature of sexual harassment, and how it cuts across stereotypes of age, gender, location, clothing worn, time of day, and so on, in an effort to help victims reject the blame of the assault.

      We spent hours on whiteboards, discussing the kind of data representation that we wanted. The app was designed by the Blank Noise founder and trustee, Jasmeen Patheja, and is hosted on Google App Engine. We used Python NDB Datastore API and Jinja templates to build the pages.

  • Zywie
    Developer and Design Consultant

    Zywie is a health-care start-up that aims to help hospitals manage appointments, prescriptions, and medical reports. I was part of the design and technology-stack selection process. Zywie was built on MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular, and Node) and hosted on AWS. I helped set up the development framework using Yeoman to speed up scaffolding, and SASS for CSS pre-processing.

    We were excited to use Material Design, which had just been released, for the application. I sketched wireframes on paper and then used Bootstrap to create the prototypes. The API was created using Node and integrated with the front-end using Angular JS. In the second phase of development, I helped design and prototype the mobile version of the app.

  • Bong Eats
    2015 ~
    Founder and Co-owner

    This is a collaborative project with my wife, Insiya. Bong Eats is an effort to preserve the ways of Bengali cooking by documenting the recipes in a scientific and replicable manner. The core of this project is testing recipes, and shooting and editing videos. The other major part is to create an app that will be a fitting platform for these recipes. I have started designing the CMS back-end using Polymer JS for interface, Router JS for basic routing, and Firebase as the database.


  1. Future Institute of Engineering & Management, Calcutta
    B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication
    GPA 8.0
  2. South Point High School, Calcutta
    Higher Secondary (12th Grade)
    80.1 per cent
  3. Nava Nalanda High School, Calcutta
    Secondary (10th Grade)
    93.4 per cent


  • The Piano

    I learned to play the piano at the Calcutta School of Music and have been part of a blues-classic rock band called Nevermind.

  • The Camera

    I have been pursuing photography for the past nine years. I have recently started dabbling with analogue photography and am teaching myself dark room techniques.

  • The Wok

    Food fascinates me. I bake my own bread and churn my own mayo. I am presently working on a personal project that will document the food of Calcutta in a way that has not been seen before on a food website.