Bong Eats

Food is my life-long obsession. Bong Eats is a project to preserve the traditional ways of Bengali cooking by documenting it in a scientific and replicable manner.

Traditional Bengali recipes, and Indian recipes in general are not specific enough that someone who has never eaten it can reliably cook it. Most ingredients are "to taste" or incorrect.

With Bong Eats we will lift the shroud that covers Bengali food and make it accessible to anyone who can follow instructions and has access to a kitchen scale and a few basic pantry essentials.

A major part of this project is recipe testing, shooting videos and editing. The other major part will be to create an app that will be a fitting platform to these recipes. A well-designed database that can represent the complex relation between recipes that is the essence of traditional Bengali food - which dish comes first, what is it served with and what follows? We are looking at recipes as part of a meal and not just as a standalone set of ingredients and steps.

I have started designing the Content Managment System required to create the recipes that will be displayed on the front-end. I have been reading a lot about web-components and have decided to go with Polymer JS to create the interface along with Router JS for basic routing and Firebase for database.