I Never 'Ask For It'

Blank Noise is a community art project that confronts street sexual harassment. Blank Noise propagates through blogs and social media as well as public interventions. I have been associated with Blank Noise since 2007.

In late 2014 Jasmeen conceived the idea of creating a virtual space where people could submit testimonials of street sexual harassment with the picture of the garment they wore when they were harassed. ineveraskforit.com was to be that space.

It would collate all the testimonials and provide interesting representations of the data - incidents of street sexual harassment cutting across stereotypes of age, gender, location, prosperity, time-of-day and so on. We wanted the data to show what we knew from our work for so long - street sexual harassment happens to everyone and it has nothing to do with the clothes one wears.

We spent many hours on whiteboards discussing the kind of data representation that we wanted, the design, and privacy. The most important goal was to create a safe space for people to share their experiences. The app was created on Google App Engine. We used the Python NDB Datastore API and Jinja templates to build the pages.