Toyota/Lexus Financial: Mobile sites

I was the lead developer for the creation of the new responsive mobile websites for Toyota and Lexus Financial.

The goal for this site was to make the mobile website feel like an app with a modern clean design.

As more and more features are added to the mobile website, it will eventually replace the desktop website - allowing a single code base for all devices. We used the same technology stack as our desktop website - Backbone JS, with Require JS, Handlebars JS, Underscore and Bootstrap. After our previous experience with unmanageable CSS on our desktop website, we used SASS for better style-management.

The website, especially the secure sections of the website have a lot of calls to the JSON API with complicated Handlebars templates for various niche scenarios. After a lot of benchmarking on various mobile devices/browsers we had to get to the correct balance of DOM performance and the number of HTTP requests.

The mobile website redesign project greatly improved the website's speed and performance and our user satisfaction scores shot up.