I was a developer and consultant for Zywie. Zywie is a healthcare startup aimed at hospitals, or independent doctors to help them manage appointments, prescriptions and medical reports. It also provides patients with a common login to view all of their medical history, view and share prescriptions, medical reports, search for doctors, schedule appointments, order medicines, get timely reminders to take medicines, and so on.

I was approached to become a part of the project just when the technical design was getting started. I was part of the process of defining the scope of the first phase, and selection of the technology stack. After a lot of research it was decided to go with a MEAN stack hosted on AWS.

I helped set up the development framework, using Yeoman to speed up scaffolding. I had been looking at CSS pre-processors for some time, but finally got around to using SASS for Zywie. I was excited about Material Design that had just been released at that time and we decided to use Google's design principles for the application.

We started with the one of the main screen, which was the Receptionist's dashboard. I sketched wireframes on paper and then used Bootstrap to create the prototypes. Meanwhile, the JSON API was being created. We did a lot of research to make the API truly REST-ful, debated best ways to implement authentication, versioning, and so on. Finally, the API and the front end were put together using Angular JS.

This application being aimed at hospitals was built with the desktop in mind. In a second phase I helped design and prototype the mobile version of the app.

The hospital-facing interface of Zywie is being BETA tested in clinics right now.